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Eating Out in Rome, Italy

Despite popular believe, the Italian cuisine is more than just pastas and pizzas. Rome has numerous restaurants, spread throughout its area, ranging from seafood and international, to vegetarian, from expensive and extravagant, to cheap and simple, possibilities for every pocket, mood and craving being offered.

To get a taste of what Rome has to offer for gourmands, here is a list which contains some of the most popular dining spots in the city:



Via del Portico D'Ottavia 21/9, 066861105

It is well known for its Roman - Jewish dishes.

Da Lucia

Via del Mattonato 2B, 06580301

The Roman style gnocchi and cuttlefish with snow peas is definitely worth a try here.

Armando al Pantheon

Salita Dei Crescenzi 31, 0668803034

This restaurant is particularly known for the vast array of bruschetta served here.

Sora Margherita

Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30, 066874216

Best known for its authentic Italian atmosphere and, of course, delicious local food.


Alberto Ciarla

Piazza San Cosimato 40, 065818668

It is a bit expensive but for, supposedly the best restaurant in town, it is worth it.


Via Capo D'Africa 2, 0677203636

Lobster, oysters, crab, sea bass, octopus....if seafood is what you're craving for, this is the place for you.

Riccioli Cafe

Piazza delle Coppelle 10/A

Seafood, sushi and oyster bar with international wines list.



Via San Francesco a Ripa 103, 065833260

Here, you can enjoy real Greek recipes, including moussaka, spanakopita, and fine wines.


Via dei Serpenti 124, 064747144

This restaurant features a rich menu with numerous Indian specials.

Doozo Art Books and Sushi

Via Palermo 51/53, 064815655

Enjoy delicious fresh sushi and sashimi, while taking a look at photography and contemporary art books.


Via del Pellegrino, 0668308957

This is perfect for a romantic dinner. Enjoy an Arabian night, and nibble on delicious Middle Eastern courses.



Via le Trastevere 53/57, 065800919


Vicolo delle Grotte 17, 0697277119


Piazza Augusto Imperatore 9, 063226273


Via dei Cappellari 66, 066873462


Margutta Ristorante

Via Margutta 18, 0632650577

Two particular dishes that have made this restaurant famous are the cheese ravioli and fava beans soufflé - definitely worth trying.

Jaya Sai Ma

Via Bargoni 10, 065812840

The food served here is biological and organic.


Capricci Siciliani

Via di Panico 83, 0645433823

Pasta alla Norma, swordfish roulade, or cassata and cannoli are definitely worth trying here.

Santa Lucia

Largo Febo 12, 0668802427

The food served here is inspired by Naples and Campania region.

La Pentolaccia

Via Flavia 38, 06483477

If stopping by here, be sure to try their ravioli with mozzarella di bufala, while sipping on one of the Italian wines on their list.

Alfredo alla Scrofa

Via della Scrofa 104/A, 0668806163

An example of a fine dining experience here would be to enjoy an eggplant parmigiana, fish or meat and a tiramisu to finish off your meal. However, everything is delicious, so it's up to you!